Chellah Files for Divorce Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah has filed for divorce in the Lusaka High Court against his wife Joan. Chellah, who is enduring turbulent times at the office where since the dismissal of his mentor and partner Wynter Kabimba, has been sidelined from state duties has asked the High Court to dissolve his marriage. The former Post Newspapers assistant editor who has stepped on too many toes in his short stint within the corridors of power is facing the prospect of arrest with the security agencies high on his heels. Chellah alleges that his wife is envious of his social life and also prone to rumours, grounds he deems adequate to dissolve their marriage. He is suspected to have been a funnel through which state secrets have been leaked to The Post Newspaper that is on a collision path with President Sata since the dismissal of Kabimba. Chellah has only been married for half a decade to his college sweetheart Joan but it seems the ‘little fame’ that comes with being the mouthpiece to the president overwhelmed even his private life. Zambia Reports had earlier reported that Chellah had deserted his matrimonial home for different women and had told his wife he can get any woman he so wants.

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