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I decided to make this piece because of the idea behind it, let’s start with their definitions
According to Oxford Advance English Dictionary “MONEY is defined as
i.                    What you earn by working or selling things & use to buy things. To borrow/sell/spend/earn money.
ii.                  Coins or paper notes.
iii.                A person’s wealth, including their properties.
iv.               Sums of money”. 

Got it origin from Latin word moneta.
Though the definition may be versatile individually                                                                                                         
According to the Mobile Concise English Dictionary IDEA is defined as
i.                    A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.
v A mental impression.
v A belief
ii.                  (The Idea) the aim or purpose of an action.
iii.                Philosophy {in Plutonic thought} an eternally existing pattern of which individual things in any class are imperfect copies.
v {In Kantian thought} a concept of pure reason not empirically based in experience.                               
Originally a Greek word Idein meaning to see

Now the factual definition of #MONEY is how you are able to grow it, use it to enlarge your coast & business not only in decision making & influence in the society. When I was younger, I had hoped that one can only define MONEY only when someone is wealthy and pronounce in the society that you such that you can use them as an example of ‘MONEY’.
An IDEA comes from someone having ‘far’ inner eyes to see beyond ordinary burning in his/her mind.
The way I will describe the two terms will be…

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The big question will then be why?
An OBJECT can be used to get, in decision making, in need, acquire/achieve, collect, empower…
While, TOOL can be used for learning, to break a barrier, change a century, build & design, investment & saving, action & result, development.

                        I apparently was recounting to a colleague over this MONEY & IDEA topic and he arguably said that MONEY changed the world, then I carefully exposed to him that you can have more MONEY to fill your storey buildings but without the transformable IDEA(S) to save, invest, grow this MONEY, the MONEY owner will constantly spend this MONEY, at long run, gradually the MONEY will reduce until it gets to the bottom because as long as we live, our needs are insatiable. So MONEY has limitations but IDEAS is unlimited.
If you have $10.00 i.e. #4,000.00{now} you decide to spend this MONEY hoping to make more in time, well it may! What if it doesn’t? And the MONEY eventually get exhausted, broke days alright? You have only used an OBJECT and not a TOOL; 
N/B: An OBJECT is meant to be consumed while a TOOL is used to transform.
You have to learn to fall in love with IDEAS and stop your love for money for reason being that those who love MONEY has either killed, steal, stabbed, deceived or are planning to do worst for the love of money.
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 Remember the Holy Scripture; in the book of 1 timothy [KJV] Chapter 6:10 mention that ‘’for the love of money is the root of all evil:  which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows; the same scripture described in Proverbs 28:16 that a man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men”
Work for money, don’t be lazy but think of how to grow a money tree in your garden such that you’ll never lack.
                                       My Story
                        Two of my friends that were working with a cement manufacturing company in Cross River State, Mfamusing, after their contract got expired *Leonard had the IDEA and put it into action by investing his MONEY into a boutique business thereby keeping his coast enlarge; Leo is doing pretty well in Calabar whereas,* Anthony used his settlement to club with friends, buy weed and alcohol, at the end? Psychiatric hospital he ended. What Anthony did was to exhaust the OBJECT at hand but Leo used his TOOLS wisely. If you ask me to mention the rich people in the world that have changed the world with their TOOLS, I’ll just go on, the story is unending.

 Let’s mention but few 5 people that used their TOOLS to transform our world:
1.     Bill Gate: The Microsoft owner that is making billionaires on daily basis.
2.     Mark Zuckerberg: He has made the world a {global village} using his IDEA (TOOL) to introduce
3.     Michael Faradey: He used his TOOL (IDEA) to change the world by inventing electricity.
4.     Alexanda Graham Bell: He invented the telephone which has transformed the world; his TOOL (IDEA) has chance lives.
5.     Larry Page & Sergey Brin both invented we all are using to communicate, translate or impute to get desired result which has influence our ways with their IDEAS (TOOLS) if you want to know how they invented Click here>>>History_of_Google 

So used your TOOLS well and your OBJECT will never run dry
Note: A wise man always invests instead of spending without returns.

Wealth creation is a lot more than just spending MONEY to receive output instantly, its deals with the aptitude to harness your (or) borrowed IDEA(s) into a successful article.
You have to learn how to use your TOOL(s) to create wealth & explore opportunities, stay relevant, be agile, learn new IDEAS and innovations in the area of your interest.
One man that always love to talk about money tree is Elder Bassey Asuquo; he sometimes said ‘that MONEY is a spirit, when you have it, plant it, nurture it and like annual crops, you will always have plenty of bountiful harvest or  wait for others to harvest for you to buy and consume.

5 ways to invest your money (OBJECT) wisely
    1.     Your child/children: they are your treasure, their value is unmatched in terms of investing because they are the leaders of tomorrow
    2.     Your Health: Like the saying “health is wealth”
    3.     Business: Having a business of buying & selling if profitable when you invest into what you have a wide range of knowledge over it.
    4.     Rendering Services: Services like: bus/cab, hair cut/braiding, mechanics/technicians, construction, food vendor, credit card sales, laundry, teaching, driving, drug store etc. can be profitable in a vast way
    5.     Buying Of Assets: This spot has to do with huge investment to buy either buildings or machines that can be productive to yield profit or for comfort.

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