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Your Relationship with other bloggers with similar ideas is a good way to get more knowledge about blogging and also compel traffic to your own blog, it doesn’t really require high knowledge and qualification in internet or you must be a developer to join these blog communities, own a blog? Or visit sign up for your Gmail and get the terms and conditions then you can decide whether to host your blog with Wordpress or Blogspot, when your ready and need to boost your traffic, remember traffic is the top most priority all bloggers are running a blog, you cant be bringing up the rear on possible knowledge you can gather from other like-minds.
Here are the discussed communities for bloggers where you can hook up and make friends with additional bloggers who can help you, you also learn a great deal of knowledge from these communities, instead of just following one blogger, you can follow as many as you want and get diverse knowledge. The best thing about joining blogging community is that you also get massive traffic to your own blog, some of these communities allow you to have one dofollow backlink.

What is Blogging Community?

Putting it straight, blogging community is just a website/blog where bloggers come to share their knowledge and connect with other bloggers. It’s a platform for bloggers, on the same wave length bloggers come here to read, learn, get traffic to their blog and build relationship with other bloggers/ website owners.
There are many benefits you can get by joining blogging community, you will not only get massive traffic to your blog, but you also improve your domain authority, make friends with other bloggers and learn from them, get quality backlinks, and you also build up a good number of followings and readership of your own blog. Joining blog community is definitely important to anyone who wants to succeed in blogging.

1. Medium 
Medium is a fast-growing and top bloggers community. It was created by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Medium is a top platform for any blogger to share his content and learn from other bloggers. To open an account with Medium is very easy; all you need to do is open your account with your www. or account(s) and then go to your email to verify it. You can begin sharing your blog contents and learn from others while you make friend and drive traffic to your blog.
Visit at

2. Inbound
Inbound is community of active marketers, It affords you perfect opportunity to market your blog and make it known to other bloggers cum marketers. Signing up for inbound is as easy as 2 minutes, you just sign up but before you can comment you will need to connect your account with Twitter, It also gives you the opportunity to connect with Hubspot. Inbound have many active users. Make sure to introduce yourself and begin commenting and writing post once you join. Avoid spamming though, it will lead to your banning.
Visit at

BizSugar is another popular bloggers community you can join and expect to have good number of traffic to your blog, the sign up process here is very easy and it is free, all you have to do is sign up, go to your email and confirm/activate your account and you are up and running. Now when you sign up, write a quality post and submit to BizSugar, once that first post gets approved (manually) you can now submit your other articles. Do not forget to connect with other bloggers here.
Visit at

4. Social Media Today
This site is more than just a bloggers community, you can also call it a site for guest blogging, a site for social bookmarking and a site for marketing. You get to add your site url in your profile page and enjoy PR6 dofollow backlink, to start adding your blog content, your blog first need to get approved, To approved your blog you have to email then three of your links which proves you are a good writer, Social Media Today have a strict guidelines when it comes to accepting your post. Don't feel bad if your post is not approved, 80% of people don't get approved anyway.
Visit at

5. Google+ Communities
Are you on Google+ or are you just sharing your post on Google+ and neglecting other aspect of the site. Now is the time to join relevant communities on Google+ to read, learn and make friends with other community members, you also share your post in some of these communities which will lead to traffic to your blog. Community members can directly share your post on Google+ community for public viewing. There are many things to gain by joining relevant communities.
To join any community of your choice,
click on home > communities > and search for community of interest to you. You can search for bloggers community or even search for the particular niche you are blogging like "tech blog community". You can even create your own community.
Visit at

6. BloKube 
This is another blogging community with lot of members, Blokube has simple neat design and it is one of the oldest blogging communities, it was created by owner of WPKube Devesh Sharma. The sign up process for BloKube is easy just like BizSugar. Blokube allows you to directly view the post of users. Build more relationship and readership of your own blog with Blokube.
Visit at

7 Triberr 
Triberr is a community of talented bloggers and influencers that have come together to read great post and share their articles. Tribber is really great bloggers community created by Dino Dogan am kina like this blogging community, it takes less than a minute to sign up, connect it with your social media account and you are good to go, find bloggers of like-mind in the stream and tribes, ask questions in bonfire and you can hire other bloggers in their campaign option. Triberr is free to join. Make sure you join relevant niche tribes.
Visit at

Kingged is a fairly new blogging community reaching it 3 years this year. Kingged is also my favourite bloggers community. There are lots of bloggers friend to make here with over 9,000+ active users and quality contributors. Maybe one of the best thing about Kingged is their daily giveaway money for viewing posts and commenting on posts. Kingged is growing fast and you can connect with lots of bloggers friend here, make money and get traffic to your blog. It is very easy to open an account with Kingged.
Visit at

Are you sharing your post in bloggers community. If you are a new blogger, blogging community is your best chance to establish yourself, to become an authority. The list above will be a good start for you, all the community here have high pagerank and you get to connect with other bloggers. If you neglect to join communities of bloggers, please try and join one today, almost all of them are free. Establish your brand and claim your authority.
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