Ebola virus has been mention in some parts of West #Africa and Nigeria has announced how it’s able to condone with the virus but skeptically, we all need to do more towards preventing another outbreak as proper hygiene will keep us healthy and strong to go about our lawful daily routine.
The Ebola control roadmap is one which must be properly handled, the Ebola outbreak has neither dithered people away from traveling to the Ebola non-infected state to the infected prone areas in Nigeria. It is thus imperative that the Federal and State govt. set up the areas of partnership with the several bodies within the concerned prone zones in order to expand the frontiers of control of the Ebola disease.
Though the suggestion may sound alarmist; a brief illustration of public concern will surface.
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For instant, the Ebola disease apart from being contacted from saliva, blood and handshake, it can also be contacted through sweat from the body of an infected person; this pre supposes that those who travel with public buses from a non-infected region or state where Ebola outbreak has been confirmed are @ risk in the same way residents of that infected region are.
This is predicated upon the people who utilize public motor parks and not always screen @ departure and arrival point. The same is applicable to people who utilize train services where they exist.

Another concern is the fact that, people who patronize public institutions like banks and other financial institutions in most cases access the exit and entrances of some common doors and in the process free and non-free Ebola individual touch the handle or rails of entrance to the banking hall and in most case sit tightly in couches while waiting to be attained to. The situation is not different inside the churches, mosque and other areas of worship where large gathering of worshippers are usually recorded. All these human daily activities to say the least deserved special preventive roadmap to ensure Ebola disease doesn’t spread beyond the current level; the picture seems frightening but the solution lies within us. For instance, most religious organization has medical and health workers; just like the operators of public and private motor parks operate under the ages of National Union of Road Transport Workers or The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria. The banks and other financial institutions, construction firms all have unions in which the federal, state and local govt. can partner in order to fight against Ebola disease. All that these union and associations need to do is to work closely with the various agencies of government to train their members, as well as deploy scan equipments.
Above all, the federal and state government must of utmost necessity provide enough quantity of protective kits to all health personnel in government hospitals, hotels owners and private clinics to acquire same measures. The citizenry on their parts should continue to adopt precautious measures such as: washing of hands regularly with soap; they should also report all suspected Ebola cases to health authorities and desist from stigmatizing ex Ebola patient.
We must all understand that the fight against Ebola is not for govt. alone; it is thus imperative that co-operate bodies and organizations provide the desired supports for a collective implementation of programs and strategies outside the box in the fight against the spread of Ebola virus

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