In a place of marry-making and care
If you fling money in the air
The Drunk will never get to a share
But if you throw liquor into the class
The #Drunk intention will be a glad.
Even before the stick hit the drum
Dangling steps will let you sight the one
He jumped a plain as if gallop was in the land,
Confusedly throws his arms and legs away to the rhythm.
Reign with content of the liquor
And a light prayer that makes mountain and man equal
Kpom! Kpom! Kpom! The Drunk Dance!

Girls will cheer!! Boys would smile
He spat a curse back on the land
Greased lip without dream or fame
Saying goodbye to intellectual friends
Standing close to a big dreaded accident
The world, he conquers, win and will soon make fame
Yesterday can only come as a chorus
Tomorrow is a stream that will find its source.
Give him liquor, forget the microphone, he will tell you abroad
And who is involved,
 Kpom! Kpom! Kpom! The Drunk Dance!

With gratitude he will drink away his throne
Make merry and looses his manhood at home
He knows the brave, the wise and bonny
Prowess that flow through the tongue
Bar is best place called home.
Maiden signaled the drummer, the drummer changed, the dancer changed
the Drunk dance still at same layer.
If you give ears to the drunk
You will hear how independent was won
Cultures and customs that are not in the song
Lightly forgot his friends, family, his hat and company
Always keep to his rum faithfully and tactically.
He tells the moon to shine, then tickles the sun to set
He is the first in trance to lift the laws
the strangers deeply watched his tremendous dance.
Kpom! Kpom! Kpom! The Drunk Dance!

  The Drunk was just dancing his way home dwindling
11 ordinary men were around the street rubbing
So the Drunk snatched what looks completely like a machete
It was, at that moment the thieves shouted “you are dead!”
They shot @ the Drunk unswervingly without neglect,
 joyfully, until their gadgets, groundnuts, energy became dry
The Drunk had not been scratched, only his liquor bottle broke and his dirty handkerchief flies.
The Drunken dance was intercepted by untimely arrest
The law came and the Drunk said yes
Mrs. Magistrate dragged him into an unstoppable disgrace
Under the influence he acted, beneath sub-section, a life-size offence
Suddenly, the Drunk realized it was more than just a dance
He was a murderer, that filth, unscrupulous, intoxicated manslaughter.
A night he chased and killed many masked brothers
Perhaps, as a Drunk, to kill a killer is proper
tag=" to kill a murderer"
 Completely lost his faculty, thrown into insanity without a helper
He needed to drink so as to conquer his jailer
Over eleven thousand forms of fright took him over
As Mrs. Magistrate sentence the drunken dancer to live-in-freedom
Sympathizers called him ‘Drunk Dancing Hero’ {D.D.H}
Kpom! Kpom! Kpom! The Drunk Dance!.
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