Don’t preserve my #customs
As some fine curios
To suit some white historian’s tastes
There’s nothing artificial
That beats the natural way
In culture and ideals of life
Let me play with the Whiteman’s ways
Let me work with the Blackman’s brains
Let my affairs themselves sort out.
Then in sweet rebirth
I’ll rise a better man
Not ashamed to face the world.
Those who doubt my talents
In secret fear my strength
They know I am no less a man.
Let them burry their prejudice;
Let them show their noble sides
Let me have untrammeled growth,
My friends will never know regret

And I, I never once forget. 

OEM, TITTLE: AFRICA by R.E.G. Armattoe
                DEDICATED TO Mme. Leony Armattoe.

I once saw a maiden dark and comely,
Sitting by the wayside, sad and lonely.
Oh! Pretty maiden, so dark and comely,
Why sit by the wayside, sad and lonely?
‘I am neither sad nor lonely,’ she said,
‘But living, sir, among the deaf and dumb;
Relentlessly watching these shameless dead,
Makes warm heart grows very cold and numb.’


Leave them alone,
Leave them to be
 Men lost to shame,
To honor lost!
Servant kinglets,
Riding to war
 Against their foes
Who urge them on,
And laugh at them!
Leave them alone,
To honor lost.

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