This is a #healthy topic and you may extend your stay on earth just by indulging in something so cheap, I’ve been on this therapy for yours now and all I treat in requisites of my health is Malaria/typhoid so I choose to take it normal not chilled, taste it and reap the benefit later. There’s this Igbo saying that “he who brings kola brings life” for me, water is life because you can afford it alone. Clean water is required for the early morning treatment but in Nigerian setting these days, I hardly see water served in cups & glasses. It’s simply because of the availability of sachet water & plastic/bottle water, people fancy to just open bottle water and drink directly instead of pouring it into a glass, the sachet water is easily consumed because it’s cheaper and anybody can tear the sachet and drink.

            Medically, one don’t need to measure the amount of water to be consume at a time, for the reason that during the dry season, people become extremely thirsty due to the harsh weather condition, that would depend on how thirsty you are, if need be then I will limit it to the normal 60cl sachet water or 
75cl small size bottle water for a start even before you brush your mouth. By this culture, you will stay healthy and gallant but you still need to go for medical checkup occasionally. Make sure the water is clean and save for consumption.

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body and Japan is known to have the greatest longevity, currently hosting over 50,000 centenarians, or 100+ years old. I understand its not a common practice to drink two full glasses of water upon waking. It’s said have the ability to fully cure a number of diseases, including cancer, as well as provide a host of other benefits. Many call it Japanese Water Therapy. #Water Therapy is pretty easy to follow. This practice should be done immediately once you wake up. 

1. Drink 160ml of water before brushing teeth as the drinking water shouldn't be contaminated with fluoride. 
2. Clean your mouth and brush your teeth, but avoid any oral intakes for the next 45 minutes. 
3. Eat breakfast slowly.
4. Once done eating breakfast meal, prohibit yourself from eating anything for the next 2 hours. Or skip breakfast. We will describe the list of days it takes to practice this routine for curing certain kinds of diseases: 
1. Gastric – 10 days 
2. High blood pressure – 30 days 3. Constipation – 10 days 4. TB – 90 days 5. Diabetes – 30 days

 Patients with arthritis should practice this treatment only for 3 days the first week, and continue daily from next week. The truth is here is water is not a miracle cure. It is however a very vital part to a person’s physical health and well being. Simply put, taking care of your body, keeping it hydrated and active, can work wonders for your health. Dehydration isn’t as uncommon as some people might think and it comes in many forms. Dehydration doesn’t necessarily mean you’re feeling lightheaded and thirsty. Dehydration simply means the body isn’t getting the water it needs to run to its fullest.Not just any water, it has to be clean water either warmth or normal. Stay healthy!

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