The state of #sexual violence appears to be on the increase in our thirsty society on every passing day and this is quite alarming, many record of sexual related violence regale in pages of newspapers and the electronic media almost daily within us and all over the world. Sexual violence could be described as any act of violence whish victim is the opposite sex and has connection to sex; it’s a crime with ride range of offences, including a competed non-consensus sex act rape, an attempted non-consensus  sex act, abusive sexual contact including; unwanted touching and non-contact sexual abuse like: pretend likeness and verbal sexual harassment.


Last week in Nigeria Senate approves life sentence for rape, 10 years for incest in Abuja. -The News-
(HENCEFORTH, anybody found guilty of rape, child sex tourism or deliberate passage of HIV/AIDS to innocent citizens, and other sexual offences, will face life imprisonment.
This was contained in the Sexual Offences Bill sponsored by Senator Chris Anyanwu, which was passed into law yesterday by the Senate.
The bill, among others, prescribes life imprisonment for gang rape, 10 years for incest, another 10 years imprisonment for child pornography or more and a fine of N2 million as well as 14 years jail term for sexual offences.
Presenting the report in the chamber yesterday, Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, Umaru Dahiru, said the bill seeks to redefine and consolidate existing laws on sexual offences.
Sponsor of the bill and Chairman, Senate Committee on Defence, Navy, Senator Anyanwu who represents Imo East, expressed happiness on the passage of the bill, which had been pending in the Senate since 2013.
Senator Anyanwu said the Sexual Offences law “seeks to make a comprehensive legislation on sexual offences by criminalizing certain acts such as sexual tourism, child pornography and cultural and religious sexual offences in our criminal jurisprudence.
For witnesses, too
“The new law also provides for effective witness protection programmed to protect victims and witnesses in trial for sexual offences.
“It also provides for compulsory documentation, supervision of sexual offenders and medical treatment for victims, which is in line with the global trend and finally, and most importantly, it provides for adequate and stringent punishments to perpetrators.”
The new sexual offences law also criminalizes people who deliberately lace drinks with drugs to sexually abuse victims, prostitution of persons with mental disabilities, among others).
          Research has shown that one (1) in every four (4) women may have experience sexual violence by intimate partner and up to one-third 1/3 of adolescent girl report their first sexual experience as being forced. Issues are bound where adolescence are forced to have sex, some go into it without understanding the implications.
Take the case of 28 years old boy forcing a girl of 11 years or raping her to thirst or a father having canal knowledge of his daughter in primary 5 for instance.
          There are thousands of such cases either reported or left unpublished and yet people are pretending all is well with the society. Sometimes, the law of the land appears helpless as some of this happens right under it nose and yet nothing could be done to remedy the situation, allowing the culprit walk away freely. As these inopportune incidences occur, most times its difficult to properly place the blame on who seduces each other in the act while, some blame it on dressing code the young ones, who exposes their vital endowment to the hungry public. Others say its lack of self-discipline in the part of the men who easily fall prey. Which ever way the blame travels, one thing stands clear that sexual violence have profound impact on the physical & mental health of the victim. This impact or mental health can be as serious as the physical impact and can be long lasting which sometimes may result in suicide.
          Sexual violence can also affect the societal wellbeing of the victim which may result in stigmatization in some cases the victim may be ostracized by their families and others. At times, those victims are covered by the perpetrators through the underlined purpose thus frequently express personal dominance over the person assaulted.
It has a notice tag, sometimes people who coarse their spouse onto sexual act believe that their action alleged payment because they are married. This is contestable but what matters is tugged determination to reduce to it barest minimum, the rate of sexual abuse in the society.

          Accordingly, it behest parent, clergy, non-governmental organizations, civil societies, community based organizations to pick up the challenges and retain the society to the paths of restitution for the good of all by cubing sexual related violence in our society.

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