There have been terror #attacks here and there which are still ongoing. Is there any country that has never experienced any terror-linked attack? I doubt! These attacks have always resulted in
will the world ever end insurgencies?
monumental loss of lives and property. Governments all over the world are increasingly becoming helpless and frustrated as to the mechanism to employ to end terrorism.

                                                          the root
                                                              causes of
 to enable us know how to tackle the menace. Since the destruction of the twin towers in New York, USA, efforts have been made to investigate the cause of that ill-conceived attack on the World Trade Centre by the George Bush administration. 

President Obama has also not relented in this regard. This has led to beefing up security in the United States and extending it beyond their borders.
 America stands today as the most advanced nation on earth and in that capacity has employed all means to ensure the experience of 9/11 is not repeated. It is a thousand pities that there is no battlefield solution to terrorism, if so, Americans would have long rooted out it from their land. Long after the 9/11 attack, there have also been other terror-linked attacks in the United States calling to mind the botched attempt by a certain man to detonate a shoe bomb aboard American Airlines Flight 63 on December 23, 2001. 
In September the following year, US security operatives for providing material support to al-Qaeda arrested six Yemeni-Americans. 
Another terror plot was foiled in 2010 when a Nigerian went to Yemen and got radicalized and on return attempted to blow up an American Airliner over Detroit on Christmas day. In Western Europe there have been many terrorist attacks before the sensational assault on Charlie Hebdo in the French capital of Paris early this year. Taking a cursory glance at Terrorism Database in Europe such countries as Britain, Switzerland, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Belgium have fallen prey to terror-linked attacks. Further glance at Global Terrorism Database has more to tell us about terror attacks as of 2014 in other countries around the world namely Australia, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen , Somalia, Cameroon, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Nigeria. From the foregoing there is no restating the obvious that terrorism has become a global problem. What has terrorism cost the world if one may ask? There is no denying the fact it has set the world back in terms of human and huge material resources. In Nigeria, Boko Haram that is fighting to actualize a sovereign Islamic state has destroyed West Africa, many lives and property in the northeastern of the country. Over 20,000 people have been killed since the insurgency. In Iraq, terror attacks resulting in flight from the country indeed changed the country’s demography. Large-scale destruction of human lives has continued with undiminished intensity. 
Syria has been fighting a civil war from which a dreaded Islamist terror group ISIS eventually emerged. In Somalia, the Al-Shabab has been fighting for God-knows-why: Reports say the latter with Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS. 

 Let us carefully identify the root causes of terrorism. Cultural globalization transmits ideas and values around the globe. 
The circulation of cultural values across national borders remains one of the root causes which sparks off resistance especially when this is fundamentally opposed to the tenets of their religious beliefs and practices. 
 False doctrines and teachings should equally be discouraged. Many people are often led astray by the cloudy and ambiguous nature of some theological philosophies. False doctrines bring about extremism and fanaticism. In many places of worship, the contents of the Holy Writ are often misinterpreted to suit a particular sect’s selfish interest. The writer has repeatedly heard that Islamist Jihadists are told in the event of death while fighting in the cause of Allah one is guaranteed a one-way ticket to Paradise.;pageID=6211443723437176431;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=5;src=pagename

There is an urgent need for this falsehood to be debunked by respected Islamic clerics via enlightenment lectures, seminars and discussions because here is the place where young men and women who have barely enough to eat to keep body and soul together are often indoctrinated. Unemployment reduces people to pawns.
 An idle mind , is the devil’s workshop. When people are busy and earning money to better their lots the propensity for violence would be reduced. Corruption creates conditions that are favourable for terrorism. Misappropriation of government funds by political leaders in third world often creates hardship for the people.

 We see ostentatious display of wealth by money stolen from the public till thus reducing the citizens to thrive in dirty surroundings. Tackling the increasing threat of global terror is a collective responsibility. The campaign must start from places of worship to deradicalise some religious faithful who have been brainwashed by terror masterminds. Governments play pivotal role in this by retaining the services of clerics to educate adherents on the dangers of false doctrines, belief and religious practices.

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