When #Nigeria attained political independence in October 1st 1960, Nigerians hails the development and highly commended the political leaders for their efforts in this regards.
Naija rulers
 This was more so when suit was achieved without any bloodshed as in reminiscence with some countries, there were also great expectations from Nigerians that with the business of governance now in the hands of their leaders, the administration of the country would be better handled and the entire socio-economic landscape of the country would be transformed for the better.

          In this regards, prominent Nigerians were already at the cockpit ready to ply the new Nigeria to it highest level, this included leaders like: Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Abubakah Tafawa Balewa, Sir. Ahmadu Bello and several other eminent Nigerian leaders, when the baton did change hand, those leaders along with others had lofty ideas which if implemented would’ve immediately elevated Nigeria to the highest level in the committee of nations, these includes free education at all level, the fostering of Nigerian unity, cultural reformation, infrastructural development and more.

However, most regrettably, these prominent Nigerians permitted primordial concept to creep into their vision and destroyed their sense of patriotism and focus on good governance initiatives, tribalism, greed, corruption and squad media overcrowded their vision which eventually got extinguished
The situation was fueled by the era of the oil boom when Nigeria earned more money than it could profitably and meaningfully utilize; that was when a political analyst in one nearby country made a statement, claiming that “Nigeria's problem was not money but how to spend it” All these negative tendencies ushered in discontents, disunity and civil strives culminating in an unfortunate civil war which set the pace of development backed several steps. The after shock of the civil war is still being felt in Nigeria till today.

 It’s therefore inconsequence of this misleading that there has been a sustainable clamor for the emergence of politicians with good leadership qualities to plot the affairs of the country and erase the fortune of the nation from the present dept of socio-economic as well as political fabric.
          This is evidence by the almost total infrastructural decay manifesting in deplorable roads all over the country, dwindling public power supply (electricity) and declining production capacity by the private sector and retardation in health as well as the education sector amongst others. 

Democracy was destroyed on alter of malpractices. Consequently, the economy crumbled, unemployment soared, crime rate increased and poverty perverted the land, corruption nearly engulfed the nation and the society totally lost it cherished moral values.;pageID=5202458951146694188;onPublishedMenu=pages;onClosedMenu=pages;postNum=0;src=pagename

who'll save my country?

These entire as stated earlier were a direct result of poor leadership placing the wrong people and the country suffered for it. This tough Nigeria which once prided itself as the (Giant of Africa) to become unfortunately a sleeping giant thus enabling other less endowed country to overtake Nigeria in developmental achievement, this replicated the tale of the –hare and the tortoise, where tortoise won the race because the hare having covered a comfortable distance in the race decided to rest as a result of which the tortoise overtook him-.

          Increasingly, loud voices and clamor for change in various parts of the country have led to emergence of some leaders with good leadership qualities who are now trying to inject some changes into the nation’s developmental momentum; the voices of these groups have been heard across the country which becomes lauder everyday. It is an acceptable fact that changes is not achieved through complexity or sycophancy by those who desire such change but under active participation in the movement for change through various legitimate avenues.

It’s therefore in this regards that the various groups clamoring for change and indeed recognized leaders who have practically demonstrated elements of change in their leadership activities should be commended which in turn will inspire others to emulate and serve as encouragement for greater successes. All efforts should be geared to supporting the present administration in the country to sprout the needed change that Nigerians are yearning for.       

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