In the general public’s opinion, there is still a difference between people from Africa and the African #American. Slavery which lasted more than four centuries definitely annihilated the autochthons and played a major role in the spiritual schism between these distant relatives. The massive and industrial deportation of hundred thousands of people treated and traded like cattle in America and the Caribbean forced them to build a new identity in order to accommodate but especially to survive in their whole new environment.

Despite the numerous common points as regards customs and lifestyle, a large number of Afros still don’t see the obvious bond that exists between the African, the African American and the Caribbean. However a small portion of African American popular figures from the second, third or fourth generation are well-aware of their African roots and fully embrace their heritage even claiming kinship with their country of origin. DATAKISS however decided to shed some light on these African American celebrities who acknowledge their African lineage.
The Weeknd, Tinashe, Amber Rose: stars with African descent
celebrities with African roots

The Classic Men Janelle Monae’s protégé has some Nigerian heritage from his father. His name even means “To embrace the father” in Ibo. He made a statement on Twitter about bringing AK47 (riffle) with him when he visited Nigeria, a statement which almost nailed him back home. Jidenna later apologized

~French Montana~
Born Karim Kharbouch in Rabat, Morroco to Morrocan parents.  He also has some Somali root in him.

His government name is Olubowale Victor Akintimehin. The Dc rapper’s parents are from Nigeria and Niggers in Nigeria want him back home

~Amber Rose~
Wiz Khalifa’s ex wife has Cape Verdean heritage.
Amber Rose
~The Weeknd~
The Canadian vocalist has an Ethiopian background, surprised? cant feel my face as well!

The Weeknd

~Charli XCX~
Although she’s British, the pop superstar has Ugandan origins from her mother.


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