This is Diepreye Alamieyeseigha former Governor of Bayelsa state and corruption mentor of GEJ as well as Senatorial aspirant from Bayelsa state in 2015.

 He was impeached from office because of his corrupt acts and was convicted in Nigeria with a mild sentence. Fast forward to 12th March 2013, Alamieyeseigha was pardoned by President Goodluck Jonathan his political son thereby enabling him to run for office again.

This rogue is a fugitive from UK justice system and managed to escape around 8 years ago by disguising as a woman as can be seen in the first photograph.

If you look at the 2nd campaign poster photograph he said he is tested and trusted. It is true that he has been tested with public funds and he has confirmed that he is a rogue irrespective of GEJ's pardon. He has also confirmed that he can be trusted to steal public funds and empty the treasury. If you are appalled by the penchant of GEJ for corruption and his penchant for hiring and associating with people tainted with corruption then vote for an incorruptible candidate that can rescue our pitiful and dreaded country Nigeria.

GEJ's version of democracy can be called "corruptcracy."That is why he said that corruption is not Nigeria's biggest problem and buttressed his point by saying that that stealing is not corruption.

Pls do not give him your mandate pls!

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