The little boy you saw yesterday will be a man
My tiny brain will breed technology
Those little seeds will sprang commercial farm
Don’t draw someone’s curtain and expect psychology
It doesn’t take expenses to be careful
You can fight doesn’t mean you are powerful.

Little words led to planet Earth
Little sand leads to a beautiful building
Simple things make gravity shake;
Way forward is here, happy findings
Start with little, but don’t stay little
Tangible seconds leads to everyday brittle.

Little community will lead to a country
Little finger will write constitution
Little mouth will speak for the whole nation
Little fish and bread will feed ten thousand
Little sweetness will create diabetic union
Little caring leads to potential love.

Simple edge led to a downfall
Little song leads to a platinum album
 Simple warmness leads to matrimonial home
Little drops form rainfall
Little induction leads to a transformation
Little kiss leads to a powerful emancipation.

Little act leads to addiction
Little frown led to rejection
Light finger leads to detention
Little faith led to mighty Heaven;
One key leads to many scenes.

Nearly cannot kill a bird
Little stone killed giant Goliath
Hunger did not kill Africa.
Little drops made an ocean
Electricity killed it inventor
Little hypothesis brought it to human
You will feel so little over codes section
When you missed the point
Little things led to everything


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