The Trade #Union Congress of Nigeria(TUC) has planned to commence indefinite strike on November 1, 2014 if the leadership of the National Assembly refuses to clarify its position on the deregulation of the national minimum wage in the country.

This was revealed at its emergency meeting in Lagos over the weekend.
The Central Working Committee (CWC) of the union regretted that there were conflicting reports on the removal of minimum wages from the exclusive list.
A communiqué signed by the TUC president, Comrade Bobboi Kaigama, and its secretary-general, Musa Lawal,at the end of the meeting,rejected the minimum wage deregulation and vowed to resist attempt to lord it over the workers in the country.

The CWC -in-session mandated the leadership of the Congress to relate with the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and allies in civil society organisations to mobilise without further delay for a follow-up action.

It added that a national minimum wage in favour of multiple minimum wages in the country means there was no more minimum wage therein as well as exclusion of the private sector from the rationale and logic of a national minimum wage.
It also said politics would be introduced into wage determination should the proposed amendments sail through, which on the long run is capable of destabilising industrial relations environment in Nigeria.

“Minimum wage which is a product of collective bargaining should not be made a state law because both the private and public sectors are involved.
The amendments pass by the Senate will effectively negate the spirit and practice of International Labour Organisation Convention 131,which our nation first domesticated in the 1979 constitution.

“A preponderant majority of nation states in the world,including federal states,operate national minimum wage and Nigeria needs to remain among such nations,’’ the communiqué stated.

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