Katema Revives Fight against Online Media
The phobia for online media has continued to surface with Information Minister Joseph Katema calling for ways to stifle the influence of the new media.
Katema said that it was important to find ways of limiting the influence of the online media as they allegedly attacked defenceless citizens.
He said that online media was being used for the purpose of bringing down defenceless citizens.

The #Patriotic Front has waged a vicious war against the only media that they don’t control by employing all imaginable tactics including blocking websites and arresting journalists they suspect to be contributors to the online media.
With all access granted to them in the two government dailies and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation the PF has also been angling to grab the online space that is one of the few outlets for independent views.

“However concern about the rampant abuse of the social @networks by this I am referring to online publications whereby some people who have turned this important #communication tool into a platform of insults and all sorts of malicious statements against defenceless citizens,” said Katema.
“This is unfortunate and unproductive and it is my hope that a forum like this one provides a fertile platform for finding a solution to this challenge.”

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