• #DOCTOR/M.D (MEDICAL DOCTOR): A person who has the degree of Doctor of Medicine, works to help sick people, and is licensed to prescribe medicine
When you are sick, you should see a doctor.

• GENERAL PRACTIONER/G.P.: an M.D. who treats most common diseases and ailments
Our G.P. takes care of the whole family in one visit.

• PEDIATRICIAN: a specialist in children’s health
As soon as the baby was born he was examined by a pediatrician.

• DENTIST: a doctor who takes care of the teeth
It’s a good idea to see a dentist at least once a year. Everybody knows Dentist

• ORTHODONTIST: a dentist who specializes in straightening teeth
The orthodontist fixed her crooked teeth, and now she has a beautiful smile.

• PERIODONTIST: a dentist who specializes in gums
The periodontist was able to help prevent gum recession in most patients.
• DERMATOLOGIST: a skin specialist
A dermatologist can help you with your allergies.

• ear, nose, and throat doctor/E.N.T.: a specialist for the ear, the nose, and the throat
She sees an E.N.T. for her sinusitis.

• EYE DOCTOR/OPTHALMOLOGIST: a specialist for eyes
The ophthalmologistprescribed glasses for our son.

• GASTROENTEROLOGIST: a stomach specialist
He is seeing a gastroenterologist to help cure his digestive problem

• GYNECOLOGIST: a specialist in women’s health
Many women are checked by a gynecologist once a year.

• OBSTETRICIAN: a specialist in the delivery of babies
As soon as she suspected she was pregnant, she went to see an obstetrician.

• ORTHOPEDIST: a specialist in bones
When he broke his leg, the orthopedist put it in a cast.

• PODIATRIST: a specialist in feet
The podiatrist told her not to wear high-heeled shoes.

• SURGEON: a specialist who performs major operations.
The surgeon was in the operating room for four hours.

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