Apparently,#50 Cent is not able to get a penny from his bank account, because it was blocked. In fact last April, the 39 years old rapper lost a 3-year lawsuit against Sleek Audio, brand with which he has worked to create some Audio headphones. The brand accuses50 Centof having used the same design to start another company, SMS Audio, after their partnership collapsed in 2011.

Fifty, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was then ordered to pay $17 million! But it seems he has not the full amount or he simply has not yet paid. In the United States, if you don't pay a judgment, the winner of the lawsuit can freeze your bank accounts.

However, "the rapper has full access to his business accounts only his personal accounts are frozen," reveals a source of TMZ. And it's not as if 50 Cent couldn't pay the modest sum of $ 17 million: he is part of the top 10 richest rappers of the year; Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $140 million! In 2007, he won $100 million after Coca Cola has bought VitaminWater a company in which he held 10% of the shares. The rapper own also a label, G Unit Records, and a clothing brand.

$17 million shouldn't hurt him a lot. In any case, his personal account will remain locked until the fine is paid.

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