We know that #Trey Songz AKA Trigger has hot blood, but what we know the less is that he doesn’t like being photographed, and even less without his permission, at the risk of starting a big anger from the singer! And it’s exactly what happened in a club in Virginia for the birthday of Trey.
A source reports that an incident occurred between two fans and the artist who celebrated his 30-years-old in Norfol, Virginia. While he had reserved all the VIP part of the club for his after-party with his friends and several women, one of the two fans told what happened:“My sister is a long time fan of his. She was over the moon with excitement to be there.

He had many groupies that were very sexually appealing women that had a very Miami/LA look that we were told he flew in because he didn’t want to risk not having pretty girls at his party in Virginia”.

At getting ready to leave, the smallest of the sisters would have come up to Trey to wish him a happy birthday and tell him how much of a fan she was.“He seemed to be very kind and while they were talking, he went in to hug her”. But at this moment, the young woman made the error to take a photo.“I snapped a pic and he saw the flash. Before the photo even completed, he snatched the phone out of my hands”.
‘What the f***, don’t take no f**** pictures of me b****!’
Seeing the quarrel, the singer's entourage came over and said: “Shorty, shorty he’s just drunk. He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do”, while, Trey kept going:“The more you b****s keep talking s*** the more likely I am to throw this phone across the f***** parking lot!

”While both fans apologized in vain, Trey asked his bodyguards to“Get these two f**** b****s out of here”.
My honnie is getting too high, I thing he must have over  reacted. Easy Trigga!

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