Slavery may have ended, however the chains of #religions still hold our minds. We were robbed of our names, history, and culture and did not have a promised land to go to.
The holy books have been the weapon of choice as when you systematically remove over generations a person from their innate understandings; you can rewrite their spiritual inclinations to favour your agenda.

When you own the chains to their mind and their path to the natural curiosity to understand themselves, you can design their reactions to defend you at their own expense.

As these concepts of God have only spoken when the holy books were created, people no longer have a direct relationship with God, they only have a relationship with the books. They mentally devour the books as these are the only words their god is ever going to say.

This is made worst by the fact that stories mentioned in the books happened over a thousand years ago and was not written about our lives today. When the slaves found the Promised Land did they live happily ever after?
The truth is in living colour, we have been created in belief. We are born into a paradigm where all the answers have been educated to us; however they just forgot to teach us how they arrived at them.

Hidden in plain view, we cannot see, feel, smell or touch this concept of God, even though it is everywhere. We are to follow or burn in hell, we must give our lives to get to heaven, there does not seem to be much free will to discover your own path.
To follow our Ancestors is deemed Satanic and a Black person; pre-slavery traditions are products of the Devil. When you appreciate that there are no positively regarded black religions, you have to ask what holy wars had we fought in to get such a bad name.
As we say a black person is not allowed to have their own. As regards to concepts of God, Amen Ra has been one of the concepts that have lasted over the 6000 modern history period.

The Egyptian Tutankhamen broken down to Tut –ankh-Amen, hidden in plain view, they said Amen at the end of their prayers too. As these modern religions are just abbreviations of older Egyptian understandings.
No one no longer calls Zeus to come to their aid, now that everything has been simplified to just God, one concept, easy to manage.

It seems when you stop calling the God they cease to exist. Do these gods need us to believe in them before they can help us or is that our belief in them enables them to exist? We have been mentally managed from day one.

The architects of this reality use religion as just one of the layers built into the external story line we call our lives. We are the ones who create the images, sounds and sensations we experience within ourselves. It`s our beliefs that give meaning to these internal experiences.

We have lost our connection to the energies within us that make all of what we do possible. We are no longer speaking to ourselves. We have been forced to look for answers outside of ourselves for problems coming from within us. It`s like looking for something in another person`s home that you lost in your own, you can never find it.

Hence we began to look externally for our creator as we have lost contact with ourselves. Religions seem to only deal with the external reality, people do not pray to connect to their inner creator self, and they are usually asking for material things, world peace is not even on the list anymore. God of this construct is really just an external idea, not a reality.

Like Jesus there is no evidence beyond the holy books that either of them ever existed. Existence is not evidence of God, existence is evidence of existence. We have been given beliefs and made a God from it.
The intelligences behind existence work from inside of you and enable you to create the external world as images in your mind. You are part of everything you experience as your mind speaks the light languages to translate the waveform of the frequency into solid looking objects.

There are things your mind no longer sees, their light languages are lost to us and therefore we are unable to create an image for them. If I can create light in my day dreams and night dreams, then I can generate light within me like the sun, however without the sun. The sun did not create us.

Religion is not soul food; it is more like cold comfort. The problem is the soul needs to be constantly stimulated with new concepts to challenge and to feel invigorated.




                              rules, which entraps it and limits you to the understanding of the writers of the holy books.

As the apparently only living Gods are not speaking anymore, people need more stimulus, they gravitate to the old ways, the ones calling them from within their soul.

Religion is memory based as people can only exchange holy books scriptures as opposed to their own original thinking. The person with the ability to recite more scriptures is regarded as the more gifted, not due to originality but to ability to recite script.

This can be good but this does not end the growing urge of the soul to get back to your real mission. The battle now commences with soul arguing with the programmed religious mind.

The soul will search for more whilst the mind condemns it. The mind has been programmed to look out for that pesky soul and will try and shut such curiosity to avoid the fear and the pain generated by the program for being disobedient.
The soul will want more and will want to hear alternative ideas to empower it, the programmers of the religions were ready for this and created Satan as a title to give to all those who needed more than the programmed script.

To think of yourself as evil and to trust in a god concept is real. This was security for longevity of the corruption of our minds.
The programming is ego based and needs to win the battle against the soul yearning to remain in control. The problem is that ego is not wisdom, so when it is challenged it does not increase in the breakdowns of the questions asked, but it may increase the sound volume and threats as well as insults.

They know what they are saying is not true and seek the company of other people in denial to make them feel better. No matter what they say the curiosity will not go away. They need to follow other spiritual paths as their soul demands it.
As we go along this path, we have remained strong to be able to ignore the wrath; the insults will become strong, yet with no breakdown of understanding.
As people give up their own spirituality to pursue religion, the holy books is all they have of their god. To challenge the book written by authors unknown is to abuse them; they feel too compelled to defend something that they do not know the origin of, does that sound natural to you?

God is not a man. Which gives you a hint who devised this plan, the truth requires a much deeper understanding. We travel to this dimension as we have life scripts to play out; we need to experience all the different characters. The ancients understood that life requires more than can be found in books, the library of the universe still can only be found inside us.

Spirituality requires that you ask questions of yourself, whilst religions requires you to rely on books to move forward. When you appreciate you cannot be wiser than your creator, the holy books have locked millions of soul`s minds down.
Sadly, slavery still exists as religion was the slave owner’s mental back door plan.

When you debate with someone that can only recite from the holy books, they tend to not listen to reason, their aggression increases with the depth of your challenge, they are trying to break you as opposed to exchange ideas with you and violent language or behaviour is threatened when you do not fall into line.

That sounds a lot like the slave master converting the slave to me. Is it only me that can see this.


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