God is God, #Poetry is fiction

God is love, Poetry needs attention

God made everything, Poetry made only someone

God will deliver us from evil

Poetry will expose the work of the devil.

Poetry is in schools and God is in the Heaven

Doors are made not only for Christianity

But for them with tangible opportunity.

God has never made anything accidentally

Poets will always rendit their meditation willingly.

God loves poetry, He made it delicious

Poets loves ideas, they made it fictitious.

God is a designer and Poets are modifiers

A Poet, once decided he will make God cry

That because God always frown to see good people die.

If you walk through a part of a chaff shadow

You are at the last bottom of your pass horror

A wise person wouldn’t blame God cos this life is borrow

One must give back those paths that will miss tomorrow.


God made man in His image

Man made Poetry under his likeness




If God want to listen to amen!

Poets will never involve an Angel,

If they are asking God for an inspiration

When you walk along with God, Angels entertain you with Poems

Ooh! Calamity besiege not your dream

Recreate room for those that will misunderstand you

Young recusant will not make the day blue

Just incase you forgot to do the devotion

Poetry cannot ask you for a dedication

The stars keep close, the moon remain one.

How did the devil learn to lie?

Some people can dance yet others did cry.

Let God wake you up and Poetry take you to bed

Make an offering to God in your blessed documentary

Poor ink to allusion, unparallel to Poetry.

God is omnipresent; Poetry is from a great mind

Where human race ends; Poetry ends

When God say yes! Poetry begins

God made a tree

Man breed from the tree

Genre grows out of man

Hunger made Poetry tasteful over sand

It’s evil to compare God and Poetry.

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