According to Peter F. Dorker, a foremost thinker and authority on the subject of leadership and management, #Passion is the discovery of a deep desire burn out of a conviction that renders an individual, possessed by commitment to a divine and greater purpose in life. Indeed; it is a controlling desire that exudes the boundaries of casual interest of concern and transport the person into the realm of obligation in essence, true leadership passion is the discovery of a believe, reason, idea, conviction/course not just to live for but also to die for, which focuses on benefiting the whole of mankind.
Set differently, these components of leadership are the heart of influence and a generator of the energy, resilience of a leader; it is anchored on the personal result and willingness of the leader to sacrifice his interest and comfort for the sake of a noble course that can impact in others a desire to help achieve a defined goal or vision.

            This vital aspect of effective leadership components was expressed in the lives of all great leaders throughout history and identifies what separate them from their followers.
For instance, Nelson Mandela (Mandiba) one of the world most respected leaders life purpose was the elimination of the policy of apathy and the establishment of racial equality in South Africa
At his assessment, Mandiba explained his vision for his country thus “I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the idea of democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunities; it’s an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve but if need be, it’s an ideal for which I’m prepare to die”.

Unarguably, his vision inspired not only millions of his country’s men and women but also countless millions around the world. The same goes for Martin Luther King Junior, whose passion for his country is encapsulated in his unforgettable speech “I have a dream”.
Dr. King helps to change both laws and heart in America leading to greater equality and freedom in the country.

There is many more exemplar leaders whose ideals are govern by the powers of Passion; they include: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Regan, Churchill of Great Britain and in the Bible we have the likes of: Paul, Nehemiah, Queen Esther and kind David whose live long rationale was a desire to serve God, restore the honor of nation and strengthen people politically and militarily.
Can this be said of leaders in Nigeria??? However, before now in Nigeria, Our leaders followed their party manifestos with great passion and politics was played on ideological device; as could be seen from the nations past political performance which has only succeeded in launching ourselves to the progressive circle which solitary generation’s expectation becomes the experience of the next. Non-the-less, great minds like; 

Chief Obafemi Awolowo, 

one of the most articulated exponent of this moral purpose, which his political vision lays more abundance and defined it as freedom from wants, ignorant, disease and British rule. His emphasis on universal education, universal healthcare and sole employment essentially summarize the political priority of a nationalist
            Indeed, the notion of a state as an empowering force of human potential found expressing on our world’s democratic socialism. The socialist impulse yield good fruits and united the nation but today, our leaders have been driven purely by the pursuit of wealth without sweat, squeezed from the remote oil-rich creeks as huge human and ecological cost, again, others not driven by passion or political ideology move back and forth in the political state decamping to one party or the other seeking opportunity to grab power.

Be that it may, the challenge before us now is to stare to the future with great optimism, a future where terrorism , oppression and intimidation shall no longer influence our choice of leaders for the component of true leadership driven by Passion and motivated by vision and inspiration. Men & women, divinely committed to switch the spare to hope & promise to success, which is what Passion as an essential component of true leadership entails.               


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