Western #Australian man Dylan Thomas reckons he won’t be living down the nickname "Spiderman" anytime soon after a tropical spider burrowed its way into his stomach.

The 21-year-old Bunbury man's first trip to Bali will be one he remembers for all of the wrong reasons after the bizarre medical mystery.
"I woke up on the Saturday morning in my hotel room in Bali and I noticed a small red mark coming through my navel, as in my belly button," #danglingReporter today.
"As the day went through it progressed.

Dylan Thomas said his holiday was "very interesting" to say the least. (Picture: Facebook)

"I knew for a fact I hadn't done anything or come into contact with anything to make it worse."
It started as a little red mark and grew up to 30cm across his stomach.
Initially he was told anti-histamines would clear it up and that it was probably just a bug bite.

The scar was up to 30cm long after the small tropical spider burrowed into his stomach. (Picture: Facebook)

"I woke up on the Sunday morning from bottom to top with big blisters," he said.
"I thought I was in a little bit of trouble.
"I sought advice from other doctors who told me they had never seen anything like it."
The horror story continues when he was told a spider had burrowed its way into his naval cavity through his belly button causing the long red mark and blisters.
"It was there in my body for about three days before they managed to pull it out,"

The spider was living inside him for three days before it was removed. (Picture: Facebook)

Doctors believe the tropical spider was able to make its way inside him through scar tissue after he had surgery to remove his appendix a year or so ago.
"The venom from the spider itself is what's caused the blisters," he said.
"It was probably not much bigger than a match head."
Mr Thomas posted on Facebook that he was glad it was all over and had his fingers crossed he would develop superpowers soon.
"Haven't felt so violated in my life before," he said.

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